Century 21’s new ad

Seems to be targeting Redfin?

Despite the comment, “to watch your eyes when you walk into a home, and know right away that you are in love with it” … it’s a decent ad. Buying and selling residential real estate is an emotional process, but a good Realtor should focus on removing the emotions from the equation – managing buyers’ emotions is sometimes difficult, and if a buyer “loves” a home, sometimes it is more challenging to manage those emotions.

A better campaign would be one that identified the project/transaction management aspects of a real estate transaction and removing the emotional aspects of negotiations. Speaking from personal experience, having a buffer between Buyer and Seller can be extremely valuable – both from an emotional and financial perspective.

Either way, this is a step up from the Century 21 commercial last year with the pushy agent.

Note: I work at a Century 21 office (not for, as Realtors are Independent Contractors, thus are self-employed)

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  1. Maureen Francis June 7, 2007 at 17:24

    I saw a new Realtor ad the other night courtesy of NAR. I have to say, I really liked it. Better than others I have seen in the past. C21’s is not bad either.