When do we call it a disaster?

Not yet. I got a headache as soon as this question was asked of me the other day when being interviewed for a local real estate market update. One of the reasons that I write this blog is to provide data analysis to help provide a clear and honest picture of the Charlottesville-area real estate market – with no agenda.

Media is no longer a vacuum. There is accountability for reporters’ words thanks in large part to the blogs – and this is a good thing. Robert Scoble had a particularly interesting post, and more importantly, discussion, about fact-checking in today’s world.

More on the above-mentioned story as soon as it’s online.

Side note: I was speaking yesterday to a Realtor from Culpeper, about 45 minutes north of Charlottesville and more closely related to the Northern Virginia market; he said that in one neighborhood there, there are 30 foreclosures. Our market is not even remotely similar to that.

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