A sustainable University and beyond

It seems that whenever I miss something cool (to me) in Charlottesville, one of my first thoughts is,” I hope Charlottesville Tomorrow was there.”

Once again, they have come through with their coverage of UVA’s “Greener Grounds” conference the other day, leading also to UVA’s new sustainability website.

How is this related to the Charlottesville real estate market? Simple. UVA is a leader in many different areas:

All new buildings constructed at the University of Virginia will be built to LEED certification. A transportation demand management plan will reduce car traffic coming to Central Grounds. Efforts to save water and electricity will be continued, resulting in a lower environmental impact and increased cost savings.

This is one huge step closer to being able to declare green “mainstream.”

I’ll reiterate my prediction: If builders aren’t building green within the next three to five years, they will be left behind by their competitors.

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