Tuesday links 07-17-2007

In Virginia, buyers have three days from their receipt of the HOA/Condo package to walk from a transaction – carte blanche. And now you can do so via email.

It’s easy being green. Yet another way to market oneself as “green.”

What happens when your neighbors object to your “greening”? How about a solar-powered radon mitigation system?

Death of the farmer’s market, or the downside to mainstream commoditization. Waldo reflects on the impacts of becoming more conscious of how one lives. Both of which bring me to another post by Seth Godin – Times a Million.

All (most) that you ever wanted to know about Biscuit Run, as well as Places 29. If you live or work in the Charlottesville region, you’d do well to read and watch both of these in-depth stories from the incomparable Charlottesvile Tomorrow.

The upside of a down market: People find out who’s really good

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