Taking Charlottesville wine stores to the next level

It should be simple. I went to the Wine Warehouse yesterday and bought a case of wine.  The Wine Warehouse has an excellent selection and will track my wines internally; what I would really like is for them to put my purchases online and let us rate them as we make our way through. How hard would that be? If this was an option, there is a strong likelihood that that would become the only wine store I patronized.

I would be –

1) a loyal and devoted customer
2) talking about them to all of my friends and clients (an awful lot of my clients want recommendations to wine stores) on and offline.

Then, start a Wine Warehouse Facebook group that would allow member customers to share experiences to increase their integration into the social experience the store could offer. A little bit of viral and social marketing can go a long way.

This is undoubtedly not a new idea, but it’s one I’d like to see in Charlottesville.

Tying this idea into the Charlottesville region’s real estate market: our wine industry is a big tourist draw and a real boon to those of us who live here and enjoy the extraordinary wine in one of the Top 5 best up and coming wine regions in the World.

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