Tuesday links 21 August 2007

If you don’t think the tax code is screwy, read this.

Making a low offer – more on this later this week.

How the media missed the signs of the mortgage meltdown

How real estate commissions work – an outstanding and enlightening post (hat tip: BHB) – read more about divorcing the commissions here and here.

The buyer and the seller should each pay for their own services rendered to them. This practice of the seller paying the buyer’s agent is just nuts.

Mike has written some of the best stuff on the future of the MLS. If you’re interested in the evolution of the MLS, start here. On the surface to consumers and many (most?) Realtors, this may seem inconsequential; it’s not – the decisions that we as members of the real estate community make – and don’t make – will shape the future of the business.

Crime in Downtown Charlottesvilleif we could get this data released consistently, think of the value the real estate consumer (and citizens) could have.

If you’re not shopping at the Charlottesville Habitat Store – why not?

Living frugally is cool.

Get your RealCentralVA gear here!

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  2. Rinnie August 30, 2007 at 21:40

    Thanks for all your links – I especially appreciated the “living frugally is cool” links, and got some good advice from it.