And you wonder why transit hasn’t gained traction in the Charlottesville area?

From WINA:

CTS buses are idle for the rest of the Labor Day weekend
Those who normally rely on Charlottesville Transit Service to get around the city and Albemarle’s urban ring will need to make other arrangements between now and Tuesday morning. CTS Spokeswoman Tamika Harris says the buses and trolleys will be idle Sunday and Monday in honor of Labor Day. CTS will be running its regular routes shortly after 6 a.m. Tuesday.

And from today’s Daily Progress:

Halfway through her journey, Mary rested her head against the bus window, stared at the cars whizzing by on U.S. 29 and sighed.
It had been nearly three hours since she left her house off Preston Avenue, and an equal amount of time would pass before she returned home.
All this for two measly errands – a doctor’s appointment and a trip to Rio Hill shopping center. Six hours; eight buses; two errands. An entire day spent navigating Charlottesville’s public transportation system.

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