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Jott:JimduncanJott is one of the “Web 2.0” services that has become an absolute necessity for me. I use it at least once a day, and have debated putting them into “My Circle.” What’s Jott? It’s a website where you call the free phone number that they give you, say whom you want to “Jott” (I use it almost exclusively for sending myself notes) and then within the next three to five minutes, there is an email in your inbox with your message transcribed. I have told countless people about the service when they’ve seen me use it. To a person, they have been both surprised and impressed that such a service exists.

For example, if I am with a client and I need to remember something to do for them (call about the radon test), I Jott myself, and immediately address the need when I return to my email. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and execution.

Yesterday I received an email from them announcing so many new features, it took me a little while to digest. They’ve certainly stepped it up a bit: Jott to your blog, to Twitter, get a Zestimate (which still aren’t accurate in the Charlottesville market area), and perhaps best for how I will use it, Reminders! Who knew that they would actually listen to the user survey they sent out a while ago? They also know their customers – here’s a page that shows how real estate professionals are using Jott.
Why Jott?

John Pollard, the chief executive of Jott, boasts that the service is three times faster than attempting to send a text message or e-mail on the keypad of a mobile device

How might they make money, you ask? Perhaps by pushing ads to your mobile.

Read/Write Web has more.

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  1. John H September 7, 2007 at 22:39

    You said it….Brilliant and simple! Jotting has also become a part of my daily routine! Especially with the Twitter Jott link…I now have a link to my myspace account with my twitter and I post to twitter with Jott! It’s just too good to pass up! Especially since it is a free service! 🙂