What should the Martha Jefferson neighborhood look like?

Dave Norris put together an impressive array of historical photos (read the comments, too) of the Martha Jefferson neighborhood and raises the question – if the Martha Jefferson community had input, what would become of the Martha Jefferson campus?

The Martha Jefferson Hospital is the major center of activity and employment in the plan area, which generates some related uses in the neighborhood …

For 90 years, Martha Jefferson has been the hub of this part of the City of Charlottesville. What should the new hub look like?

C-Ville asked the question last week; likely there will be a mix of development – condos (what price-point?), mixed-use retail, and be fiscally viable – remember, this isn’t a charity; even with possible proffers, the redevelopment has to make economic sense.

If you had to choose – what direction would you point the Martha Jefferson folks? Condos? Office space? Grocery store? Library? Youth center?

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  1. Jay Thompson September 10, 2007 at 09:56

    Have you ever been to the Martha Jefferson Hospital and seen the commemorative plaque that says “Jay Thompson was born here”?

    It’s true!

    (well, the being born there part is true. The plaque — not so much)