Blog down-time

“Whoah. It looks like the connection’s timing out. Hmmm … they’re performing ‘a server upgrade for you.’ That could take several hours to come back up. It should be up sometime. Their estimated time is an hour and a half.”

And that’s why my blog was down today.

Not exactly confidence-inspiring. My blog has become a part of my business, if only for the fact that I run so many email addresses through it. It may not be mission-critical to them, but it sure is to me. Time to find a new host that gives a damn.

Bluehost needs to do better.

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  1. Jonathan Dalton September 26, 2007 at 01:59

    You’re not alone, Jim … I’ve been running into the same issue on Hostcentric. I asked if they’re doing anything to rectify the occasional slowness (such as yesterday when it took me 45 minutes to write a six-paragraph post with an avatar and one link) and was told no.

    As soon as I can get moved on, I will.

  2. Jim Duncan September 26, 2007 at 08:26

    It’s not like my site went down again today … oh wait. It did. Again with no explanation.