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Remember when you worked on a document or presentation with somebody and you would email it back and forth with the changes? That is so last month. In working on this presentation on blogging for the past week or ten days, we used Google’s Presentation (Powerpoint for the unenlightened) to work together. Chatting within the presentation making changes was mighty efficient.

I’ve said before, and this is a clear example, effecting change needs to be at least a two-pronged approach. Working from outside the aging gorilla’s reach is effective, but working within the behemoth’s reach in tandem with those outside efforts should prove much more effective. For better or worse, those to whom we are talking this afternoon make decisions that affect tens of thousands of Virginia Realtors. Influencing their conversation is but one way to get things done.

In an example of the Web 2.0 world, I’ve spoken to Ben Martin dozens of times, (only a couple of times on the phone, the rest on IM or Skype) worked on this presentation for a couple of hours, and have yet to meet him, but have full confidence that today’s talk will go smoothly. I’m looking forward to the question and answer part.

Update 1 October 2007:

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Update 05 January 2008: Google just released embedd-ability, so I re-posted with the embedded presentation.

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  1. Candy Lynn October 1, 2007 at 15:32

    Jim & Ben:
    Thank you for the great presentation today! Lots of great information. Now I’m ready to start blogging.

  2. Ben October 2, 2007 at 13:18

    It was a pleasure sharing the floor with you, Jim.

  3. Matthew Rathbun October 3, 2007 at 00:38

    I fully agree. The technology out there is amazing and can very much enrich our lives. The skeptics that are taking issue with impersonal approach to these systems are simply missing the boat. Individuals determine the level of personal interaction that is necessary and relevant in their lives. I feel I know some folks better once I have interacted with on-line than those whom I have small talk with in the halls… As another side note – GOOGLE rocks! All of it’s tools for productivity are great. It’s a glimpse of things to come, as is Skype. And if it’s FREE – it’s for me.

    Good job Duncan and Martin (sounds like radio drive time show)- you’ve really started the buzz at VAR!