Recap of Sunday’s show on Charlottesville real estate and economy

The radio show on Sunday was fairly far-reaching and we gratefull had several callers. My favorite was the one who left the message that said, “thank your guests for the intelligent conversation.” Whoever you are, I’d like to buy you a cup of coffee, thankyouverymuch (and it wasn’t my wife). An hour flies by surprisingly fast, and seems to go quicker every time.

Topics we ended up covering –

– The Charlottesville/Central Virginia real estate market and what about Waynesboro and Augusta growing impact? Commuting numbers are up (PDF).
– Are we in a “declining market?”
– The local housing surplus.
– Are builders responsible for the glut? (No)
– Possible bailout of those facing foreclosure.
– Are we in or facing a recession?  (I’m not an economist, but I took my best shot)

– UVA’s sustaining impact on the local area and economy, as well as NGIC, State Farm, etc.
– The impact the service industry has on the Charlottesville economy.
– Vacant houses, REO properties, foreclosures and sellers’ expectations and pricing strategies

– Tightening lending standards – Matt referred to Dan’s video that I posted earlier last week.
– The agent/lender “bubbles” – as Matt so eloquently stated  – “get good, or get out” of the industry.

I have no idea how many people listen to the show, as WNRN doesn’t participate in Arbitron ratings, but it’s surprising how many people listen to the show live or on the podcast. This was the third time that Matt and I have done this show together, and I think that we could do this type of show once a quarter. We didn’t talk about everything we wanted to, but my hope is that I sounded honest, somewhat intelligent and competent.

I’d love to spend time talking about the benefits of working with an experienced Realtor, why to use a Buyer’s Agent, pricing strategies (don’t overprice it!) and the long-term growth/sprawl/transportation needs for our region.

I hope to have the podcast later today.

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  1. TrvlnMn January 23, 2008 at 19:35

    Any Idea when it’s going to go up online as a Podcast?

  2. Jim Duncan January 23, 2008 at 20:16

    Still waiting to hear … i have a feeling something messed up, unfortunately.

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