Albemarle County assessments are being mailed Friday

They won’t release the 2008 assessments over the phone (anymore) as they want to notify the homeowners by mail first.

The Albemarle County real estate assessor’s site will be updated next week.

I predict there will be (and should be) substantial outrage and controversy next week, most likely because while assessments may have decreased or stayed flat, the County budget has already been set – and the mil rate will (my prediction) most likely be raised to compensate.

We’re all dealing with less money – and here’s the quote from that post –

Slutzky countered that the tax rate was only dropped last year to counter-balance the effects of large increases in property tax assessments. “Now that we’re not even close to that same scenario, I’m suggesting that a revisiting of the tax rate is going to be inevitable in the spring,” Slutzky said.

These are a few relevant posts from the recent past –

Assessments, property taxes and shifting market values in Albemarle County (good clarification posted)
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This post from January of 2007, most notably the brief history of Albemarle assessments, courtesy of Cvillenews – located near the bottom.

For the record – real estate assessments have very little, if any, correlation to market value.

Come back on Saturday and Monday and post your assessments; I’ll have an open thread seeking feedback and responses.

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  1. NM real estate January 23, 2008 at 23:50

    Well, you can’t blame them for wanting to notify homeowners first, can you?

  2. Jim Duncan January 24, 2008 at 05:16

    No, not at all. What is somewhat surprising is that they won’t release the information over the phone anymore. It’s not like it’s a state secret. 🙂