Another shovel digs’s grave

As I speculated yesterday (with no inside knowledge 🙂 ) … Dustin reports:

Turns out that not only is Realogy (and that means Coldwell Banker, ERA, Sotheby’s International Realty, The Corcoran Group, and Century 21) adding all of their listings to Zillow, but they (or at least NRT, which includes all of those brands except Century 21) are apparently taking some of their ad money out of

When will Zillow gain critical mass over … and when will “listing” a home be free? Likely I’ll (and many others) post more on this later, but … wow.

So far,’s sole advantage has been that it has all the listings; what will it be without that advantage?

One might think that might want to announce something at least acknowledging that they’re in a competition to the death.

One thing is for certain – David G is going to be pulling some overtime.

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  1. Jonathan Dalton February 22, 2008 at 21:07

    Fun tangent … agent from Canada asking if we have a place they can see all the listings nationwide. apparently has 99 percent.


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