Too short-sighted for our own good?

I’m not taking a position on this argument at Treehugger but have a question:

A lot of the infrastructure in this country needs to be re-built,” says Gardner, University of New Hampshire associate professor of civil engineering and director of the Environmental Research Group. “We have a real opportunity to re-build the infrastructure the right way with sustainable materials and socially sensitive designs that protect air, water, land, and human resources.”

My question is – do we have the capacity, the intestinal fortitude and political will to do whatever has to be done? We are going to grow – as a county, city, state, country and world. Is our infrastructure, as we know it, adequate for the next 100 years?

This absolutely is a real estate query – quality infrastructure and “getting places” contributes greatly to quality of life – and therefore real estate values.

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  1. Rob Oresteen March 1, 2008 at 11:41

    Infra structure in this country and in every country is in a constant state of flux, change and improvement. We are constantly rebuilding roads, utilities, buildings, neighborhoods etc.

    The whole “infrastructure” argument as of late has been nothing more than some cheap political piling on the disaster of the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

    We can’t simply replace bridges here and there at the drop of a dime. Eventually, a bridge can be repaired and maintained only so much before it will need replacing. But given it over water, usually moving, it makes the job much larger in scope than improving a highway here and there.


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