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Real estate Market report for Waynesboro and Augusta

Keep in mind that these commuting numbers are from 2000 ; I predict that 2010 will show these numbers to have at least tripled: In 1970, 799 people were commuting from Waynesboro/Augusta/Staunton to Charlottesville/Albemarle. … However, their market now has about seventeen months of inventory ( PDF here ) versus about five months of inventory at this time in 2007 and almost four months of inventory in 2006.

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Search provides insight into readers’ minds

Culled from my blog statistics, these are a few of the more telling searches that have brought people to this blog: how much do Realtors make how many subprime mortgages are there declining market zip codes home selling can bad pics keep me from getting any showings – answer – yes. Yes they can. and my favorite – do you like living in charlottesville, va – yes, yes I do.

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Afternoon Links

Good data is hard to find – and it takes a lot of work The housing bill may be bad for our town College Towns: Still a Smart Investment How to build a village – Who says print is dead? Online school information is great, but there’s a reason I advise all of my clients to actually visit the school .

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Great story on Belvedere in Charlottesville

This is a significant story in this week’s C-Ville not only because it features my clients , ( their blog about Belvedere is here ) but it highlights one of the (potentially) best developments (that happens to be green) in the Charlottesville area. Five years ago—heck, two years ago—if you were searching for an architect to design your sustainable house, a builder to put it together, or a store to supply its fixtures and finishes, you would have had far fewer choices than in 2008.

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Charlottesville area real estate market update – 1st Quarter 2008

Summary – We are going to continue to see a market adjustment (read: many Sellers still have yet to recognize that in many cases, we are back to 2006 price levels), but those who want to sell must realize the new market realities.

Now really and truly is a great time to buy a house – if you are buying for the right reasons (ask me for specific insight for your situation) and you intend to actually live there for a couple of years. I have heard anecdotal evidence that long-term investors are starting to snap up inventory. Multiple offers, while certainly not common, are in fact happening all over Charlottesville and Albemarle.

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