Bike Week in Charlottesville

Check it out at ACCT’s site. Ride a bike on one errand every other day; start somewhere!

(gas prices are absolutely impacting ever facet of our lives – real estate, too)

“Many people did the ‘drive to qualify,’ ” looking in farther-out suburbs to find affordable homes, says Joe Cortright, an analyst at Impresa Inc., a consulting firm. He says that’s no longer a viable strategy.

Cortright studied home values by ZIP code for a report released last month. He found homes in distant suburbs lost more value than those in vibrant cities. He says higher gas prices and home buyers’ unwillingness to drive far to work were primary reasons.

One thing I am wondering is this – where are the best places to buy recycled bikes in the Charlottesville area?

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  1. Andy K May 14, 2008 at 09:43

    Thanks for the item on ACCT. It’s a great organization and we need more cyclists in C-ville. As numbers rise it becomes safer and more accepted by motorists.

    C-ville is reaching a tipping point and there are a growing number of people on bikes!

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