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Showing Houses in Charlottesville – On a Bike

Well that was fun. Saturday, I showed a few houses to buyer clients. And we each rode our bicycles; and I’m looking forward to doing it again. April was my first time showing a house on a bike and I’d been looking forward to doing it again. As this was my first time showing multiple houses with clients, I learned a few things.

If being closer to bike paths equates to higher property values, what better way to experience bike paths and on a bike?

Notes/lessons learned:

– Riding a bicycle is an infinitely better way to learn a neighborhood than riding in a car – taking in the smells (think Belmont BBQ), the sounds (trains in Charlottesville), topography (if you’re planning on commuting via bike).

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Bicycle Safety Discussion Next Week

To continue the momentum created by the Citizen’s Bike Safety Committee established by the City this year, the City of Charlottesville, in partnership with Bike Charlottesville, will hold a community discussion on Wednesday, October 20th beginning at 7pm at CitySpace in the Market Street Parking Garage downtown.

I’d also like to see discussions about bike helmets, like this one at the WSJ .

Wouldn’t it be nice if the County of Albemarle and the University of Virginia participated in the conversation as well? I do particularly like this helmet , though. yakkay -helmet.jpg

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Diverse Solutions Introduces Partnership with Walkscore

We love being able to put in an address Walk Score, but it makes it SO much better when you don’t have to constantly look up the Walk Score for each address for each property you’re interested in buying / leasing.    2. … Even if our clients choose not to show the “Search by Walk Score” search panel, they can still enable the functionality to allow their visitors to see the Walk Score for each listing in both the search results and property details.

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Where Are the Walkable Neighborhoods in Charlottesville/Albemarle?

A new tool, (h/t Lifehacker ) Here’s my very rudimentary definition, based on personal biases and listening to my clients’ wants and needs – – Schools –(you can search by elementary school on my Charlottesville Home Search ) – Walkable neighborhood with sidewalks –(Walkscore can help, but you’re better off asking someone or driving by the area – or better yet, we can ride to the properties on bicycles!) … — The County of Albemarle does not offer curbside recycling, but two private companies have recently sprung up to fill this need – My Recycling Club and Green Pieces Recycling , so if you’re in the Urban Ring of the County, you should be able to get recycling.

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Bike Week in Charlottesville

(gas prices are absolutely impacting ever facet of our lives – real estate, too ) “Many people did the ‘drive to qualify,’ ” looking in farther-out suburbs to find affordable homes, says Joe Cortright, an analyst at Impresa Inc., a consulting firm. … One thing I am wondering is this – where are the best places to buy recycled bikes in the Charlottesville area?

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