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Duplicate content in the RE.NET

One of the key concepts of the real estate blogging space has been the original content and unique voices found at each different site; this originality seems to be waning a bit this year as the medium grows and the same content is published at different sites. … For example, and I’m not alone in my writing responsibilities, I write at a couple of places – – RealCentralVA – a blog focused on the Charlottesville/Central Virginia real estate market and trends affecting same.

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Social Media Explained and Expanded

| View | Upload your own For example – I can be contacted here in a variety of ways; below are a couple of the many. (the closest thing to a resume I have to offer) Jim Duncan's friendfeed

…A few of the topics we plan to discuss are – -owners being upside-down when trying sell their house -being uncomfortable buying in these times, even though it may be the best time around -how much should a seller lower the sales price?

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Green Financing reaches possible mainstreaming

CEO, Tomek Rondio, will introduce the National Green Residential Mortgage Underwriting StandardC at the Capital Markets Partnership Organizational Meeting at JPMorgan Chase, 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, 28th Floor, NYC, June 19, 2008, 1:30-5:00. … During the past seven years they have completed due-diligence, tested and refined this market opportunity, authored underwriting standards and are well-positioned to move forward and expand nationwide as leaders in green real estate financing.

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Should Charlottesville be like Austin or Aspen?

(Gary) Henry, a Board member of the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council , is continuing his efforts to call attention to a fork in the road that he sees approaching for the area’s future; one branch leading to an economically and culturally diverse city with a healthy middle class (Austin), the other leading to a ritzy retirement and tourism community where only the wealthy can afford to live (Aspen). … Read more and watch his presentation at Charlottesville Tomorrow .

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Friday Links – 06-27-2008

“Basically what we all do now is go home, get out of our cars, close the garage door, and most people, if they’re lucky, know who’s beside them, but they don’t know who’s two houses up. … An automatically-generated analysis (via the Charlottesville MLS) of six representative properties in Albemarle County looks only at the difference between the Final Listing Price and the selling price, not the difference between the Original Listing Price and the selling price:

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CHO Responds to Questions about their impending demise

Interestingly enough, the local CBS Newsplex carried a story on this report, even though the Coalition has failed to return calls or requests for factual data utilized to comprise their conclusions. … The last economic impact report issued by the VA Dept. of Aviation in 2004 estimated CHO’s direct economic impact as exceeding $20 million and indirect impact of over $50 million.

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