Walk Score and Zillow sitting in a tree

And the results are fantastic.

The data is a hair out-dated, but you can still get a very good feel for the walkability of a location.

A sincere thank you to Zillow for making their neighborhood boundaries open source, and to Walk Score for their site … might “Bike Score” be in the works?

Note also this story from today’s Daily Progress about making fourteen areas of Albemarle County more pedestrian friendly. The last paragraph of the story expresses exactly what I have been saying all along – for most people, “going green” is a secondary byproduct of saving money.

“”With the gas prices going up, it would be nice to take a walk to where we need to go,” Totschek said. “We could help save the Earth while we’re at it.””

Update 06-14-2008: Hopefully there will be good discussion at cvillenews about the drive to make CharlAlbemarle more pedestrian-friendly.

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