Tuesday links – 06-17-2008

Virginia has no money for transportation (h/t RK)

Who owns the comments? This is an interesting debate. An interesting debate that may go beyond the “system” ownership and may see its way played out in the courts one day.

I cannot find a link to NAR’s correction on their bad data, but here’s the story. I hope it’s an anomaly, and not a trend.

Just give them the data. Please. The current generation consumer demands it.

Millennials had already done their homework, making their transactions much faster. In many cases, I couldn’t even engage the Gen Y customers, since they typically just walked in, grabbed the product they were after, then walked out before I could do my spiel.

FranklyMLS does what Realtors want – scrubs short sales from the MLS.

Proof that real estate blogging works – and Google agrees – Charlottesville real estate blog – no gaming, no keyword jamming, just perceived good content.

A Wake-Up Call for Land Use – this blog is one of my new (to me) favorites.

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  1. Tony Arko June 19, 2008 at 10:32

    The way the NAR handled the incorrect data for New Jersey is unbelievable. The fact that they were so far off in their numbers just puts into doubt anything they publish. Anyone who blames an error of that magnitude on “number crunching” believes their audience is too stupid to know the difference. It is an insult to the membership.

  2. Jim Kimmons June 19, 2008 at 11:06

    I have been preaching blogging for real estate, as well as community blogging rather than just real estate information for some time at http://realestate.about.com.

    I did the search you did on my town, thus “taos real estate blog.” I have an old blog on a Point2 platform that I’m retiring soon, and a five month old blog at http://galleryrealtyoftaos.com. It is #1 in the search, and the link to it from Blog Catalog is #2, while the old blog is numbers 4 and 5.

    If you aren’t blogging for your real estate business, you’re losing valuable time and ground in the competitive internet marketplace.

  3. Rob Goodspeed June 19, 2008 at 14:27

    Thanks for the link to our blog, hope you visit often. Cheers


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