Date Archives July 2008

Will Sellers Believe Us Now?

When we say that print advertising is a means by which to satiate sellers and not an effective way to market a house, will sellers finally take note of the reality of the market? The LA Times’ shuttering / merging of its real estate section is a sign of the times, and one that Realtors and Sellers should recognize (I think that Buyers already know this).

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This is the Transparency that Smaller Builders need to Embrace

Acknowledge your financial issues (if you’re a builder in this market and say that everything is A-OK and hunky dory you’re most likely delusional or a liar) and encourage buyers to join you in the experience. … In our neighborhood, there’s a place for all families with townhomes, cottages, and single family homes to suit the family of one or four. (ed. note: what about families of 5+?) … it takes more than building houses to encourage inspiration and confidence.

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Tear ‘Em Down

So far, Washington has put its political capital into trying to refinance salvageable homes for unsalvageable homeowners , when a relevant policy would consist of judiciously buying unsalvageable houses and demolishing them. Fannie and Freddie’s strength is housing market software: They could be put to work devising a least-cost, maximum-bang strategy for demolishing unoccupied homes to preserve as much value as possible for the homeowners and mortgage creditors who remain.

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