Charlottesville (Region) gets High Rankings (Again)

Forbes Magazine recently ranked Albemarle County as the thirteenth best place to raise a family.

Located in the heart of Virginia, Albemarle County is home to the city of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. The county’s average SAT score of 1,098 is among the best in the nation, but its high school graduation rate of 84% leaves something to be desired. Notable natives range from founding father Thomas Jefferson to musician Dave Matthews, who was born in South Africa but grew up in Albemarle.

Most often, the rankings give the accolades to “Charlottesville” when they in fact mean Charlottesville/Albemarle/Fluvanna/Greene/Nelson. Despite our growing pains which seem to have reached a crescendo in 2004 when we were ranked the #1 Best Place to Live (thanks, Bert Sperling), this area really is a pretty great place to live, particularly if you like outdoor activities.

This year, Outside Magazine has ranked Charlottesville ahead of Crested Butte, Oxford, Michigan, Eureka, California and more as one of the best places to “enjoy outdoor living.” (Thanks, C-Ville)

It’s almost comical looking back a decade when Outside Magazine ranked Charlottesville the Best Place to Get Found:

THE PRICE OF PARADISE: Sweltering summers and increasing sprawl and traffic, especially on Highway 29, just widened (though not enough) to six lanes through town. The cloying marriage of ultrarich and Old South may prompt escapist weekends to Hackensack.

DON’T BE SEEN WITHOUT: At least two of three: a green Barbour coat, a Herb Brown Volvo station wagon, and an insulated coffee mug from Greenberry’s.

Update 10 July 2008: As requested by Larry, here are two related stories –

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  1. Larry July 10, 2008 at 09:18


    This should be linked to your post about what kind of place C’ville/Albemarle will be in the future–Austin or Aspen.

    Here’s a link to readership info.

    Albemarle is a great place if you have lots of dough!

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