How Did Saul get the NAR’s Notes?

The MLS of the Future, courtesy of Saul Klein. The response has been underwhelming according to Technorati.

Much of his paper sounds like he read summaries of the NAR’s MLS PAG that lasted about 18 months, specifically his “takeaway terms.”

Authoritative and trusted source


MLS 5.0

Online communities

Parcel based

Property Wiki

Single Point of Entry

Single Sign-On

Social Networking

Strong (two party) Authentication



Web 2.0

I’m still working through what I think about his proposal, but I remain wary of the NAR attempting anything this important and/or of this scale. Their stellar mismanagement of doesn’t give me warm, fuzzy feelings about their prospects of success.

Greg and Tom have more.

Update 8/19/2008Danilo at Agent Genius and the Notorious R.O.B. does as well (including a comment from Saul that he’s not working with NAR)

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  1. Greg Swann August 14, 2008 at 08:52

    The longer Klein (or his people, since he clearly is not part of the Web 2.0 world) goes without responding to my criticisms, the more I become convinced that this is fait accompli, a crime documented in advance.

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