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C-Ville Gets it on Real Estate Blogs

From this month’s Abode section of the C-Ville Weekly , Erika Howsare dives into real estate blogs – Locally and nationally, real estate blogs, forums and websites of all descriptions have proliferated and changed the industry, as buyers and sellers (and agents and brokers) have more fluid, flexible ways of getting information. In Charlottesville, someone getting ready to make a deal can bone up on buyer-broker agreements at Jim Duncan’s blog , watch a video entitled “ How to sell your home (in black & white) ” at Daniel Rothamel’s blog , or peruse an aggregation of gloomy national news mixed with skeptical takes on local listings by the anonymous authors of Real C-ville —The Bubble Blog. …

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Buyers – Do your Due Diligence about School Districts

The essence of the plaintiffs’ complaint was that they specifically told their Weichert Realtor that they wanted to live in the Montville section of Montville Township, rather than in either of the other two sections of the Township, that she mistakenly assured them that a particular house was located in their desired section when in fact it was located in the Towaco section, and that they bought the house in November 2001 based on her mistaken representation. The plaintiffs’ contended that the house was worth less money because it was located in the Towaco section of the Township, and that their son was unable to go to a particular elementary school that was only available to residents of the Montville section.

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Reader Question – Why No Western Bypass?

To see the long, long lines of traffic, particularly trucks, snaking up 29N waiting to get onto 250W, it puzzles the heck out of me why the bypass hasn’t become a reality. … —– A roundup – C-Ville The Western Bypass, a road that would run from Route 29 just south of Hollymead to UVA’s North Grounds connector, has long been a dream of those who want a way to cut around the stoplights and traffic crunch that is 29N.

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(Other Peoples’) Thoughts on the Mortgage Crisis

The first step should be the following law: If the government must step in and provide any sort of financing or guarantees for any part of a public company’s business, then all officers and directors lose all rights to severance pay and all outstanding vested or unvested options or warrants immediately become canceled.

… Unless you live in California, Las Vegas, South Florida, or the Rust Belt…which either experienced high levels of mortgage fraud, illogical appreciation, or economic tough times due to indigenous ‘industrial age’ industry…your local housing market is no worse off than it was before Wall Street’s most recent ‘Black Monday’.

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Goodbye George

George Herring was a man who could do it all – roofing, ripping out drywall, installing skylights, building and tearing down decks, install siding, take it off – haul it all away and stand by his work. … I’ll miss him asking me when I or my mom is going to send him some work; he’s “been eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since the last time we talked!”).

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