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Darren Rowse (Problogger) said on Twitter the other day

I just find it strange that in many places people have had to campaign for rights to vote an in US they campaign to get ppl to show up.

Every vote (assuming it gets counted) matters.


If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you need to go to a local registrar immediately. The deadline is 5 PM today. If you miss the deadline, you can’t vote.

The Albemarle County Registrar is the place to be these day because every vote will affect this historical election.

“Monday is the last day to register to vote. If you don’t get here by 5 o’clock, or have a post mark application by that time, unfortunately you won’t be registered to vote in time for the November election,” said Will Harvey, Secretary of the Albemarle County Electoral Board

There are plenty of places around Charlottesville where you can register.

“You can pick up a voter registration at our office here at 1600 5Th street or at the City Registrar in the City Hall annex. Or at the DMV building on Pantops,” said Washburne.

Virginians are turning out in record numbers to vote in Election ’08.

“We’re seeing an awful lot of newly registered voters ever since January. State wide I think it is approaching 250,000 newly register voters. So we’re getting ready for a good increase in the number of people that will be showing up at the precincts,” said Harvey.

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