Realtor Incentives, Nice Areas of Charlottesville and Dual Agency – pulled from search

A brief trek through recent search queries bringing visitors to my site –

incentives for realtors to sell – besides a paycheck? Kidding. This is why I negotiate my fees with my buyer clients up front – so there is no question about bonuses (huge or small) from builders, sellers, sellers’ agents … my fee is between my buyer and me. Not them.

Nicest Areas of Charlottesville – it really depends on what you want/need to be close to as well as what you define as “Charlottesville.” “Charlottesville” technically means “the City of Charlottesville,” but has come to mean Charlottesville, Albemarle County that surrounds it as well as parts of Nelson County, Fluvanna County, Greene County, even parts of Orange County.

discount real estate services buyers Charlottesville – Discount from what? If you’re looking for Buyer-Brokerage, check out my Services page.

should i use a realtor when working with a builder? Yes. A thousand times, yes.

charlottesville real estate blogs – My tenuous position at #1 in Google, with no keyword slamming – ever – remains

conflict of interest dual agent – Yes. Buyers get it. Sellers get it. Why don’t Realtors and the Legislature get it? More on Dual Agency, Dual Agency – Who Benefits? The Realtor. Clarifying my stance against Dual Agency.

ngic charlottesville – hey, I’m #2!

ngic mailing – I think it’s safe to assume based on the volume of searches coming to my site that a mailing was recently sent out to the NGIC folks (start here!).

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