The New York Times spends 36 Hours in Charlottesville

It would appear that they used this map or a variation of it. (The map is zoomable at the site)

The Times starts with:

ARRIVING in Charlottesville from the lush, rural Virginia countryside, you almost feel like you’ve stepped back into ancient Rome. The Rotunda, the centerpiece of Thomas Jefferson’s design for the University of Virginia, was of course built to resemble the Parthenon and the neo-Classical facades of the college buildings seem to be right out of Caesar’s time.

The Theme Park known as Charlottesville

Seriously, the New York Times article hits some of the cultural highlights that Charlottesville/Albemarle have to offer. I’m not particularly fond of these articles because they take such a high-level view of my home. We’re much more than a theme park. That said, tourism is good. Very good. And we’ll take whatever exposure we can get.

(Map first covered February of 2007)

Update: cVillain takes the NYTimes to task, rightfully so, for their description of the Downtown Mall.

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