Telling a Story of a House

It’s more than the house – it’s the neighborhood, too. From the HooK, shamelessly promoting one of my listings

Naming subdivisions is like playing Mad Libs. To christen your basic development, just couple an adjective or nature word (like “Hidden” or “Fox”) with a terrain feature or housing word (such as “Ridge” or “Estates”). Luxury homes require advanced Mad Libs: employ the words “the” and “at,” and for maximum pretentiousness add an “e” to the word at the end of the name, to give it an Olde English feele: a moniker like “The Heights at Meadow Creeke,” for example, would have ignited frantic bidding wars in the early 2000s.

We have no doubt Linda Richman, Mike Myers’ “Coffee Talk” character from Saturday Night Live, could have kvetched lyrical about most neighborhoods’ names. “Talk amongst yourselves… I’ll give you a topic… there are neither heights, nor a meadow, nor a creek at Heights at Meadow Creeke. Discuss!”

Crozet’s Parkside Village defies this convention. “Parkside” is apt, as there is, in fact, a park nearby. And what a park it is: the 22-acre Claudius Crozet Park boasts a pool, sports fields, and even a lake.

While we appreciate Robert Frost’s dictum that good fences make good neighbors, there may be something to the “Village” half of this neighborhood’s name, too. White picket fencing surrounds the neighborhood, but does not separate every house, making each yard feel a little bigger and enabling freer interaction with friends and playmates.

More information on the house here.

* Yes, I know that I’m treading the line of my long-held belief against blogging about my listings, but this is one of those rare occasions where a post transcends “hey! I’ve got a new listing! Check it out! (‘cuz that’s a crappy “post”) 🙂

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