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Friday Links – 12-11-08

Clark designed the Victor and Sono Elmaleh East Wing, which houses three rooms to hold review sessions of students’ designs, as a transparent expression of the dialogue between student and teacher that is the hallmark of the school’s education process.

…The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors called Tuesday for a budget proposal built on a 6-cent increase in the real-estate tax rate to offset declining revenues.

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Upcoming Stories

To be posted in no particular order: – Market update – Market Projections for 2009 – Walkable Neighborhoods – where are they in Charlottesville and Albemarle? – Building communities – why the recession is good for neighborhoods and communities – Dwellicious – End of the year thoughts and predictions – about local politics, growth, the Real-VA triad (RealCentralVA, RealCrozetVA, RealWaynesboroVA) and their plans – Request for stories/topics you want to see covered here – I’m going to pick a few houses and track their sales histories over the past ten years – where’s the real appreciation?

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I Heart Woot

Or will we bring on a quick recovery by doing patriotic things like buying stuff we can’t afford and spending more money than we make?

…Save until maybe, like, mid-February or so, when the market will be a-glut with great deals for the taking every day.

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Charlottesville Builders – Local is Good (and Bad)

This isn’t an ode to Church Hill (but they are the largest local ones to go so far, so naturally they are on the top of everyone’s minds) or any other builder – but a focus on the benefits of ” local .” … For many years, Charlottesville has been an area that offered many home and community choices in the form of many small to medium privately owned home builders and developers.

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A Few Infrastructure Discussions worth Paying Attention To

6/2008 For the most possible context – Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Meadowcreek Parkway category – The Infrastructure we Want – Daniel Nairn After reading upwards of 100 comments, I found only one person in favor of funding new roads. … – MPO continues review of future transportation projects; Supports road widening and overpasses on US 29 Three members of the MPO Policy Board were present at the group’s meeting on November 24, 2008.

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