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Charlottesville Tweetup Roundup

The 2nd Charlottesville Tweet Up was held last Friday at Rapture on the Downtown Mall and it was a blast – an excellent way to spend an hour or so on a Friday afternoon, meeting friends “IRL” – In Real Life – an often infrequent experience in this online world.

…I said on Lee Lefever’s (of Common Craft, who produced the video below ) blog this morning: I’m struggling with this myself – I recently set up Twitter accounts for three of my blogs – each serves a different real estate market – and I initially thought that I would tweet from each one.

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RealCentralVA is on Alltop

The bottom line is that we are trying to enhance your online reading by both displaying stories from the sites that you’re already visiting and helping you discover sites that you didn’t know existed. … I’ve added their real estate widget as well; scroll down about a third of the way – Alltop RealCentralVA real estate blog in Charlottesville Virginia If you’re looking for something and you know the topic, try Alltop first – heck, try typing in the subject – food or business or psychology or science – and then

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Short Sales in Charlottesville – What Realtors (and Consumers) Need to Know

Charlottesville Realtors – take the time to attend the next Short Sale class that’s offered at CAAR – with the expected (some forecast dramatic/staggering/flood – insert your adjective here) increase in short sales next year, you are not going to be adequately prepared for the new market unless you learn about this new segment of our market. … If you see that your income is going to be reduced, but you keep going to Whole Foods or Foods of all Nations, then you’re likely in need of some counseling (and I’m not being facetious).

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