They Didn’t Move to Charlottesville, but They Sent me This

I recently showed a nice couple around Charlottesville for a morning as they were contemplating relocating from New York City. Their words say a lot –

Our visit to Charlottesville on Saturday was incredibly informative, thanks to you. After much discussion, we agree that although Charlottesville city and Crozet are beautiful and have many attractions, in the end we didn’t have that ‘ah-ha’ moment that made us feel it could be our home.

However, you certainly have spoiled us for working with any other realtor! (We) agree that you are the most on-the-ball agent we’ve ever met. The 360 degree view you were able to give us on Charlottesville’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the way you could really zero in on what mattered to us, was impressive. And I know it couldn’t have been easy to take time away from your family on the Saturday after Christmas, so thank you also for that. Even though we didn’t end up buying in Charlottesville, I hope that if you ever need us as a reference you won’t hesitate to ask.

Contrary to what the “Top 10” and “Best Places to Live” (and “Most Healthy” and “Bicycle Friendly”) lists say, Charlottesville isn’t for everyone. But I’ll welcome the opportunity try to earn your business if you’re looking in the area.

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  1. Mr Mogul January 14, 2009 at 14:53

    I’d have asked them what they were looking for at the outset, then tried to show them amenities that fit their needs. If their job was re-locating to the area, they could have chosen a home in a town nearby, then still come into the city for the arts, cultural events and fine restaurant dining.

    If the couple lived in NYC, and were world travelers, then no, Charlottesville wouldn’t have given them a feeling of a bolt of lightening from the sky. Instead, they should have gone to Hong Kong – it would have given them the ah-ha moment that they were looking for.

    No, Charlottesville gave them what she was supposed to give them, which was a respite from the craziness of the big city living that they were considering leaving. (Read: If I am so happy, then why am I so unhappy?).

    Charlottesville is a charming city, with unique landscapes, homes, people and attitudes. I’d say that that is the point.


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