Top 10 Charlottesville Bars

cVillain does a nice rundown of Charlottesville’s bars

While choosing a Top 10 list represents a difficult task, we like to do it anyway. Importantly, it’s a test for us to find that happy medium amongst the gamut of Charlottesville opinion. Having recently listed Charlottesville’s Top 10 Best Restaurants, we realized that bars probably will be even more hotly contested topic du jour.

What makes a bar “Best in Charlottesville?” Well, it’s not a scientific method. Good bars have a unique experience, helpful bartenders, the drinks you want. They range from the hole-in-the wall, to the fancy. For the dummies that think we don’t have an opinion about these bars, we do. Our entire list is opinion, but it’s more right than your list. Or is it? They are in no particular order and you can read about them after the break…

Having a good bar is like a good coffee shop … one day I’m hoping a good bar will open in Crozet …

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