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If you’re a Realtor, a homeowner, a renter, someone who lives in the Charlottesville region, who uses our roads, buses, the occasional train, votes, has thought about voting, is impacted by decisions of our local elected representatives, breathes … you likely benefit in some way, shape or form from the reporting and information gathering, analysis and distribution of Charlottesville Tomorrow.

If I am looking for information for myself or for my clients, I always send links to Charlottesville Tomorrow. Simply put, I am better prepared to represent my clients because of what they do.

Whether it’s about the Meadowcreek Parkway, the Crozet Master Plan, Green Building in the Charlottesville area, New Developments in Albemarle County, New Developments in the City of Charlottesville, Charlottesville Tomorrow usually has the most content available. They are at all the meetings. All the time!

No disrespect intended for our other local media outlets (which I also include when speaking to clients), but Cville Tomorrow has by far, the most comprehensive, thorough, and archived information available about Charlottesville and Albemarle growth, politics, developments …

So … if you feel similarly, please consider donating a few bucks.


Disclosure: I know Brian Wheeler with Cville Tomorrow and like and respect him and the folks there greatly. This is a totally unsolicited solicitation on their behalf, made only because I believe in what they do. (also, yes, I did “borrow” the “Donate Today” button from their site)

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