Belvedere Pioneers Celebrate One Year

A fascinating and insightful post from Kate at Belvedere that is clearly heartfelt and one she may have struggled to write. She highlights some of the ups, downs, surprises and disappointments. As I represented them and they are friends, I’m delighted with her closing: "but overall, my expectations have been met and even exceeded."

Sitting down to write this blog entry has been hard. I dragged my feet to this spot. I have been thinking about it for at least a month. I kept telling myself, it will be easy. But it hasn’t been. I could easily cite a lot of excuses but I think it has to do with competing ideas. Belvedere has been, is and will be great for us, but there have been some losses, too. Here is my one year report.

Living in a development that is struggling to survive and thrive is a challenge, and we are lucky we don’t have very many of these neighborhoods in the Charlottesville area. That said, Stonehaus and the other builders in Belvedere hit the jackpot with Kate and Bret – they are honest, passionate and believers – and those are qualities that are crucial to Belvedere’s future (and any other neighborhood, really).

Buyers investigating the Belvedere neighborhood need this candid commentary and observation – nothing will destroy credibility and trust faster than someone trying to sell something.

So, thanks, Kate and family.

Stonehaus should be grateful.

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