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Green – It’s about Saving Money

While by no means a comprehensive list, some of the green homes in Charlottesville can be found in the following neighborhoods: – Belvedere – Old Trail – Westhall – Wickham Pond – Avon Park – Poplar Glen – Montgomery Ridge The Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia allows for :

…Energy-efficient buildings, not including the real estate or land on which they are located, are hereby declared to be a separate class of property and shall constitute a classification for local taxation separate from other classifications of real property. The governing body of any county, city, or town may, by ordinance, levy a tax on the value of such buildings at a different rate from that of tax levied on other real property.

…Energy-efficient building certification for purposes of this subsection shall be determined by any qualified architect, professional engineer, or licensed contractor who is not related to the taxpayer and who shall certify to the taxpayer that he or she has qualifications to provide the certification. — Part 1- Quick Update on the Charlottesville Real Estate Market Part 2 – Short sales and Foreclosures in Charlottesville Part 3 – Homebuyer tax credit in 2010 – Who’s Eligible?

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