Fun with Search Terms

I like rummaging through the search terms that bring folks to RealCentralVa … the results provide insight, inspiration, an occasional laugh,

psychology of a realtor – philosopher, psychiatrist, mediator, psychologist, listener, negotiator, data analyst, market analyst, sooth-sayer …

why is there such a difference between zillow and cyberhomes – I have no idea, but I’ve noticed that Cyberhomes has been killing it lately in the real estate data space.

realistic motivation – If we could define this, we’d all be in better places.

Looking for a house in Charlottesville – If you didn’t think buyers started their search at the search engines, you would be mistaken

ngic jobs – I’m thinking that the already-employed government contractors aren’t making these searches, and that the NGIC/DIA folks are already connected.

a good buyer’s broker – I’m mighty pleased I show up on Page 1 of Google for this

pictures of real estate yard signs – Here are a few of Nest Realty Group’s signs on Flickr.

how to feel out a seller without insulting them by a low ball offer – make an offer.

how to handle a lowball offer of 25% below asking price – negotiate it. Work it. Don’t outright reject it.

dual agency real estate virginia – I’m curious to know how many brokers in Virginia would be willing to put their collective money where their mouths are and work to eliminate single agent dual agency

bundoran farm charlottesville, va

Walkable Neighborhoods – which provides a nifty opportunity to post this video again.

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  1. Katrien August 17, 2009 at 13:52

    Re: What if school were just a 5-minute walk? This is why I like Parkside, cul-de-sacs and all. We are a 5 minute walk (or maybe 10 . . .) from the pool, soccer, baseball, playgrounds, restaurants, post office, church, library (now we’re getting to about 15 mins) . . . and if you cheat and cut through the lumber yard, 10 mins to the grocery store, movie store, pizza store, hair salon, pharmacy, hardware store, etc., too! We just have to remember to give ourselves the time to walk–and to change the habit of jumping in the car for every errand. Evidence that a paradigm shift is needed: on Saturday, I jogged to the farmer’s market, and as I was walking back home, with bags of corn and tomatoes in hand, a friendly man (I hope) stopped and asked if I wanted a ride. Seeing me walk carrying things just seemed to him as I needed help, I guess. Let’s get out there and walk, so it doesn’t look so odd. 🙂


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