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Hey, it’s Jim Duncan with Nest Realty and here finishing up an afternoon of showing houses in Charlottesville, in western Albemarle County. A couple of thoughts after looking at a number of houses and trying to look at a number more: if you’re a seller and your house is on the market now, be as accommodating as possible to let buyers/agents in because if I’m calling one, two, three times and you keep either not returning my call or refusing to let us in within a four to six hour window, you might not get a second chance.

I’m out here working with active, good buyers who are looking to purchase a home and if they can’t see your house, guess what? They’re not going to buy it. Another thing, first impressions are crucial. I’ve seen far too many homes in the last several days that just aren’t ready for showing whether it is just from a mess on the interior or a stinky house.

See my link at the bottom about why sellers shouldn’t have stinky houses. My personal favorite today: it was almost like a haunted house; this is a $555,000 house – asking $555,000 give or take and there was a note from the gas company on the front door that said: “open immediately” and it was virtually plastered to the door itself because of all the spider webs. The lock box had so many spiders and spider webs on it that I almost got my clients kids to open it for me because I might have been a little bit scared.

First impressions are crucial. So if you’re a seller and your house is on the market, you have to be ready and you have to be sure that your Realtor is checking on your house with relative frequency. I say that as a Realtor who finds it really hard sometimes to check on vacant houses, but it is part of the business that we’re in.

So, take-aways: first impressions count. If you’re a seller, please let people see your house. If you have any questions,

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