Bing Maps Versus Google Maps in Charlottesville

The world is flat.

I just got off the phone (although I have Skype, too) with a client overseas who had been questioning whether the railroad near the Belvedere development was abandoned. She answered her own question when she said, “I’m looking at it now, and it appears that it’s still in use – there aren’t any weeds growing over the tracks.”

I know I’m a “tech savvy Realtor” and all, but that statement still blows me away, as does the fact that Bing is winning the mapping race in Charlottesville right now.

This year I have worked with a fair number of international buyers, and my tools to work with them have become better and more efficient. Working with overseas buyers is something I enjoy for a variety of reasons; more on this in another post.

Look at the clarity and the timeliness – Google shows Belvedere as all trees versus Bing’s showing the clearing. Google wins the “share-ability” segment of the competition … that’s why I have taken screenshots which you can blow up.

Belvdere and the Fairview Swim Club on Bing:

Bing map of Fairview Swim Club in Charlottesville

And now Google

Google map of Fairview Swim Club in Charlottesville

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