NGIC and DIA – Who’s Moving Here?

Courtesy of the Free Enterprise Forum:

Last Wednesday (11/4), the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors received a briefing titled “Survey of DIA Personnel Moving to Rivanna Station”. The survey, conducted by the Center For Regional Economic Competitiveness, a non-profit research organization affiliated with George Mason University, provides interesting analysis of the jobs (and some of the individuals) who will be relocating to the expanded Rivanna Station in Albemarle County. The Free Enterprise Forum has posted the full report (pdf) on our website.

The first question most folks were interested in are how many of the current employees are going to relocate when their jobs move to Rivanna Station. It is important to note this does not mean they will be moving the residence. 39% of those surveyed indicated they would be Definitely Moving, while an additional 9% indicated they would probably be moving.


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Update 23 November 2009: Agency to bring $64 million in salaries in the region

When the Defense Intelligence Agency brings an estimated 800 employees to Rivanna Station in September, it will join the nearly $110 million defense-related industry already headquartered in Central Virginia.

The DIA is relocating much of its intelligence analysis function to the Albemarle County facility now occupied by the National Ground Intelligence Center. The move will improve communications and cooperation between the agencies, officials said.

Area business leaders have heralded the new jobs as good for the area.

“The DIA says the average salary will be $80,000. That means that in October 2010 there will be $64 million more in salaries that aren’t here now,” said Timothy Hulbert, president and chief executive officer of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce. “That’s huge.”

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