NGIC and DIA – Coming to Charlottesville – Really!

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Bryan McKenzie reports in today’s Daily Progress

Employees of the Defense Intelligence Agency will begin moving in January to the military’s Joint-Use Intelligence Analysis Facility at Rivanna Station in Albemarle County, carrying more than 800 jobs with them from elsewhere, said Jim McIlmail, of the DIA.

McIlmail told members of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce at the Charlottesville Business Expo luncheon that an additional 600 jobs could be created and filled by local residents.

“This is a real big deal for the DIA as much as it is for the community,” McIlmail said. “It’s a really interesting time, a very [important] time for the DIA, for the community and for our country.”

McIlmail said about 100 DIA employees will arrive at their new posts in January. Eventually, 828 jobs will be reassigned to Rivanna Station from other DIA posts across the country as part of a base relocation program. Some of those jobs will be open to local residents.

McIlmail said that federal statistics and formulae predict another 600 jobs will be created within the community because of the new base.

“The [DIA employees] will be coming in, looking for homes, joining churches and schools and becoming friends and neighbors,” he told the luncheon attendees. “These are well-educated, highly trained and higher paid jobs that are going to be a big benefit to the community.”

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NGIC and DIA aren’t going to provide the proverbial “silver bullet” that is going to turn the Charlottesville real estate market around, but they are going to add tremendous value to what makes the Charlottesville area a great place to live.

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One day, I hope and expect that Diverse Solutions will provide the ability to publish real estate search maps and results based on proximity from a certain point … as it stands, we’re not there yet (although I can do that through the Charlottesville MLS)

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