UVA’s Construction Plans – Current and Near Future

I frequently tell my clients that at any given time, UVA has a couple hundred million dollars of construction underway. Turn out, I wasn’t far off.

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports:

Pace Lochte, UVA’s director of economic development, said that a “miniature intelligence community” is developing around NGIC and the North Fork Research Park. She said NGIC and other intelligence agencies are interested in using UVA as a resource.

“The sky’s the limit in terms of what the community and the DIA can do together,” Lochte said.

“This is the kind of development and economic improvement that every community in this country would just die to have it come into their community,” Sandridge added.
List of construction projects at UVA:

  • Claude Moore Education Building– operational by May 2010
  • Bavarro Hall – complete by August 2010
  • First two buildings of the South Lawn Project operational by January 2010, rest in July 2010
  • Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center – operational by April 2011
  • Four new Alderman Road dorms to be built in two phases (2 in May 2011, 2 in June 2013)
  • Information Technology and Communication Data Center – operational by May 2011
  • Bookstore expansion – operational by summer 2011
  • Rice Hall (engineering building) on Whitehead and Stadium Road – operational in August 2011
  • College of Arts and Sciences Research Building (currently unnamed) – operational by August 2011
  • Rehearsal space on Culbreth Road – operational by 2011
  • 72-bed intensive care unit expansion at UVA Medical Center – complete by January 2012

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