Curbside Recycling Goes Big in Charlottesville and Albemarle

It’s amazing to look at how fast the recycling economy has moved in the past eighteen months. First, Albemarle County had no curbside recycling, while the City offered it as part of property taxes. Then, we had (and still have) at least one curbside recycling option. And now, thanks to the Vanderlinde Recycling facility, no-sorting, curbside recycling is an option for many, many more people in Charlottesville and Albemarle

1 – Most people aren’t going to “go green” unless they can justify the “green” decision economically first. “Can I save $20 a month? And it’s green?”

2 – This is a dead simple way to recycle.

3 – No more sorting!

4 – Only one truck rather than two; that’s green, right?

5 – If the City of Charlottesville is looking for the best and most efficient way to spend taxpayers’ money, should they investigate sending trash and recycling to the Vanderlinde recycling facility?

6 – Why is the RWSA still continuing their lawsuit against Vanderlinde? More at the HooK.

I received the following letter from Time Disposal last week:*

Great news everyone….. we will now be taking recycling out of the regular trash. No need to sort items… We will be taking all of the trash to the new Van Der Linde recycling center- now Stream Line Trash & Recycling!!

Starting on November 23, 2009, we will be offering this service for everyone. If you already have our recycle bin and still want to use it…. That will be fine. If you’d like us to take away the recycle bin just contact us by email under comments at and we will recycle those as well for you.

Please feel free to contact the Van Der Linde facility regarding questions or comments or you can call them directly by dialing 877-981-0891 or by visiting the website at Check out their website or take a tour of the facility and find out why we’ve chosen to do the right thing.

No need to sign up for this service it’s already included.

All aluminum, glass, plastics (all), all cardboard, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, steel and tin cans and styrofoam will all be taken from your regular trash right out of the garbage no need to sort items – this is Stream Line Trash & Recycling at it’s best. For more information please visit our website at or call us by dialing (434) 977-3339.

There will be no need for two separate trucks. Just like always to ensure that your items will not be missed please put them our the night before.

Let us provide Stream Line Trash & Recycling to your friends and neighbors. Tell your friends & neighbors… This could be worth a $10.00 referral fee offered to all of our customers. Have someone sign with Time Disposal Trash & Recycling service and get $10.00 off your next bill. It’s that easy… Now spread the word!!

We’re bringing a welcome change to our environment- one trash truck at a time! It’s time.. for Time Disposal.

As always… “When in doubt… put your trash out”


Boyd McCauley
Owner, Time Disposal Trash Service

* I’m not getting compensated for this post, but think that if we can more efficiently recycle, why not? Additionally, if you switch to Time Disposal, I’d be pretty stupid if I didn’t ask you to mention this post to get me $10 off my own bill. 🙂

Update 30 November 2009: Courtesy of the Daily Progress

Dixon Trash Disposal now provides single stream recycling thanks to van der Linde Recycling’s Green Machine This system allows more than 90 percent of garbage to be recycled without the resident sorting recyclables into separate commodities. Dixon Trash Disposal is a family-owned and -operated business providing curbside collection and recycling to Charlottesville and surrounding counties.

Update 2 December 2009: Thanks to a reader, I saw that Vanderlinde has a page dedicated to calling out the trash companies not recycling with them.

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