Please Buy my Client’s Car – They Don’t Need it Anymore

I sold a house in the City of Charlottesville to some great clients last year. Now he’s selling his car. Which is awesome, and very green. 🙂

is living and working downtown, so no need for a second car – someone buy it!      

That they’re living in the City and are able (and willing – that’s part of it, too!) to sell their car.

Incidentally, the current issue of National Association of Realtors’ On Common Ground (not yet online) is all about walkability, transit, smart (read: intelligent, not the bastardized/politicized “smart”) growth featuring Walkscore and a few quotes from yours truly.

Search for homes in Charlottesville with high Walkscores.

Search for homes in Crozet with high Walkscores. (coincidentally, I house I’m marketing comes up first … and the Walkscore is in reality much higher due to some missing restaurants and coffee shops in Crozet)

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  1. John December 11, 2009 at 18:07

    Silly me – updated the Craigslist listing and it ended up with a new URL. Here’s a static link that I’ll keep updated as well: Car for sale!


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