Searching for or Selling Homes – the Internet Matters

Buyers are doing it. In droves. Throngs, if you will.


From the National Association of Realtors’ 2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers:

Q: Why use print?

A: Because. (there’s really no better answer other than “to show sellers that we’re doing something to market their homes, even if the data say that it’s neither effective nor a good use of money)

Buyers are using the internet to search for homes. Really!

Q: But … is print advertising useful to buyers?

A: Notsomuch. Looking purely at ROI, I much prefer spending my money on “Very Useful” versus “Not Useful.”

usefulness of information sourCes - print versus internet

Q: What do buyers do after they see the home online?

A: They drive by. (signs matter )

(here are some steps to search for a home in Charlottesville)

What do buyers do after they see the home online?

The median income of internet buyers is higher than that of non-internet buyers.

Median income of internet buyers is greater
Q: Does a (Charlottesville area) Realtor’s knowledge of the local area matter to buyers?
A: Not as much as I expected.

Agent Skills and Qualities Considered Very Important by First Time and Repeat Buyers of New and Previously Owned homes
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  1. Paul Dunn December 16, 2009 at 10:11

    90% is amazing. I’m glad the NAR releases this information because it helps to justify our efforts on an internet strategy. I wish NAMB would do a similar study for mortgage originations…


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