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Are Some Homebuyers Too Picky?

Some buyers are absolutely too picky , some are not and some haven’t seen enough houses yet to ascertain whether they’re too picky. As with most things in real estate, the answer depends on the client.

“The fact is, you just can’t have it all,” Westfall said. “You can’t have the big yard, the top-line updates and all that in a starter home.

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Searching for or Selling Homes – the Internet Matters

From the National Association of Realtors’ 2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: Q: Why use print ? A: Because . (there’s really no better answer other than “to show sellers that we’re doing something to market their homes, even if the data say that it’s neither effective nor a good use of money) Buyers are using the internet to search for homes. Really! Q : But … is print advertising useful to buyers?

…A: They drive by. ( signs matter ) ( here are some steps to search for a home in Charlottesville )

… Q : Does a (Charlottesville area) Realtor’s knowledge of the local area matter to buyers?

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