Charlottesville Blizzard 2009 – Snowpocalypse

Charlottesville Snow - 2009

The snow came fast.

Get home and stay home.

Great picture courtesy of the HooK.


From my experience driving in Crozet tonight, people don’t realize:

1) Stopping and/or going fast in slick conditions is bad.

2) Tailgating is snow is worse than tailgating in normal conditions.

NBC29’s weather center.

CBS19 weather.


The HooK has a story.

Rick Sincere has a few pictures of the Snowpocalypse.

The Rotunda in the snow.


Some notes from the Charlottesville Twitter stream – Click here to see the Charlottesville Snow tweets.

jcunwired: NW Albemarle county. It started snowing here at 4:31pm. 5 hrs later there’s 7″ of snow on the deck. And its barely started snowing. Yippee!
RobDavis: Finally home. Took 3 hours. Over 8 inches of snow on the ground

mkr3j: 8 inches of powder snow in Charlottesville
bobdc: In Virginia, 3 inches of snow is considered a blizzard. We’re now about 6″ into 10-14″ for tonight with another 11-14″ expected tomorrow.

CBS19 Weather said (at 21:34:) 10″ of snow reported at the Lake Monticello area in Fluvanna. – Brantley

briandickert said: 7″ of snow so far in Afton (1400′) and still falling fast. Cross Country skis ready to go for the morning. 9 AM, Blue Ridge Parkway anyone?
rprav8r: Six inches so far! Happy to see lots of neighbors out enjoying the Xmas lights in the snow. Tomorrow I break out the snowshoes!
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