I’m working on something here … .

AKA: Stupid Real Estate Questions.

Something I’ve been talking about doing for years is providing a one-stop-shop for what I refer to as “stupid real estate questions” … but by “stupid” I don’t mean “you’re stupid” but in the context of the “the only dumb questions are those that aren’t asked.”

One of the critical and core components of what I do as a Realtor is educate my clients. I see this section of my site as a place to direct my clients (and potential clients) for some of the most commonly-asked questions.

I want those with whom I work to be comfortable asking me questions – many of the questions are questions that people feel they “should” know – but they’ve never bought a house before so why “should” they know?

Or they last bought a house five, seven, fifteen (or two) years ago … and everything is different now. The process of searching, of marketing, of finding, of seeing homes even may be different.

Ask questions! I’ll answer them.

Stay tuned …

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