Light Blogging Next Week – I’ll be in New York

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I’m going to NYC next week for the Inman Connect conference.

I’ll be doing a session at the REBarcamp on Tuesday and sitting on a panel on Thursday. Importantly, we’ll be discussing the RPR – the Realtors Property Resource, which is a product which should give Realtors far more information on properties – which will be available only to Realtors – and will offer (hopefully) the most comprehensive information all in one place. If you’re interested, check out the demo at the RPR blog.

If you’re a consumer interested in real estate data, information and analysis, automated valuation models you’ll probably find the 30 minute demo interesting.

“An incredible accumulation of data from multiple sources the in a graphical manner that really can give a listing agent a perfect snapshot of what’s happened to a property.”

years of valuation and data

I wonder if they’ll pull data from cvillepedia?


Jim Duncan with here. It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m starting to get excited about next week. I’m going to be in Inman Connect in New York City Tuesday through Friday.

Tuesday is going to be the RE Bar Camp and apparently I’m leading a session there talking about MLS stuff and websites and blogs and such and Thursday I’m sitting on a panel with Marty Frame with RPR and Brian Larson, an attorney consulting with MLS’s and Michael Wurzer, the panel moderator who is one of my favorite people in the MLS space.

Two things: one, how is this good for my business, how can I justify going away for almost a week and two and most importantly, how does this benefit my clients? One, I go to every conference with low expectations. All I want to do is learn three things that I can apply almost immediately to my business or in the first quarter following the conference and two for my clients.

I am a more educated real estate broker and Realtor because of my time at these conferences because the top people in the real estate space and in the nation and from across the world even come to Inman Connects held twice a year. So I’m really excited. I want to let you know I’ll be doing light blogging next week. I have some scheduled posts that will be coming up. That’s it.

It’s going to be a fun week. If you have any questions, Jim Duncan, (434) 242-7140 or

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