Questions Raised about Biscuit Run’s Purchase

From Charlottesville Tomorrow:

The director of the area’s regional transportation planning body wants state officials to explain why nearly half of the $9.8 million used to purchase the Biscuit Run property for a new 1,200 acre state park came from federal transportation funds.

Metropolitan Planning Organization, has sent a letter expressing his concerns to Pierce Homer, the Secretary of Transportation under former Governor Tim Kaine. While Williams stated he has no opinion on whether the state should have purchased the land, he points out two-thirds of the Biscuit Run property is within the boundaries of the MPO’s jurisdiction.

Interesting. It seems in everything related to politics, follow the money.

In this Charlottesville Tomorrow-Daily Progress partnership, CT has the better (read: richer, with links) story, while DP has the comments.

Is this sour grapes on behalf of the MPO or a reasonable request as to how and why the property was purchased? Personally, I’m still a bit shocked at the apparent expediency and efficiency by which this transaction was consummated.

Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the Biscuit Run development at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

I know this much, the homeowners and residents of these neighborhoods are most likely very happy that Biscuit Run is now going to be a park. (Click on the “Homes Near Biscuit Run” link for more homes)

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